Get Your Laugh On To These ‘Why? With Hannibal Buress’ Teasers

Funny man Hannibal Buress is debuting his new show Why? With Hannibal Buress tonight (July 10) on Comedy Central.

Ironically, the 32 year-old comedian was one of the first people to bring Cosby’s rape accusations to light in a comedic standup video that went viral. But despite Hannibal being somewhat in the middle of the controversy, he continues to shine.

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In a new trailer for his series, Buress takes aim at various concepts like a mock audition for The Daily Show, coupled with mispronouncing the Middle East, and audaciously saying President Obama just spoke to mainly white people during a speech.

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Be sure to catch Mr. Buress’ new show every Wednesday at 10:30pm EST on Comedy Central.

Watch the latest clip below, including the one of him dressed in a shark suit.