50 Cent Made A Joke About Puff Daddy’s Age That Doesn’t Really Make Sense…


50 Cent is continuing his social media onslaught on Puff Daddy, as the two battle it out for vodka supremacy.

In his latest effort to troll the Bad Boy mogul, 50 posted a selfie with what appears to be an older, homeless man. Referring to the man as “Puff,” the G-Unit boss made a quip about Puff being “too old for this s**t:

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Is Puff “too old” for singles like “Finna Get Loose?” Is Puff “too old” for this Ciroc vs. Effen vodka war? It doesn’t really matter, because Puff is not that much older than 50 Cent; Fif just celebrated his 40th birthday, while Puff is currently 45 years old. So wouldn’t 50 Cent be “too old” as well? This one is a bit of a head-scratcher.

But hey, who’s counting? Once again, your move Puffy.