A Florida Teacher Claims She Was Fired For Having A Black Boyfriend


Audrey Dudek, a former teacher at Edgewater High School in Orange County, Fla., has filed lawsuit against the school district alleging she was fired because her then boyfriend, now husband, is black.

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“This isn’t about sending a message,” Suzanne Tzuanos, the Orlando attorney whose firm is handling Dudek’s case, said. “This is about getting justice for a teacher who was terminated unlawfully.”

According to the lawsuit, school officials were “shocked and offended” after learning Dudek’s spouse, Stacey Cobb is black, and that she also associated with black faculty members. The lawsuit also claims some faculty members didn’t like that Dudek played “black music” in her classroom affectionately earning the name “Club Audrey” from students.

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The school district claims Dudek’s contract was not renewed because of budget cuts.

“The budget didn’t go down in that period of time. Ms. Dudek is a math teacher. There’s a critical need for math teachers at Orange County Public Schools, so the district’s explanation does not hold water,” Tzuanos said.

The Florida Commission of Human Rights have investigated Dudek’s claims and have reason to believe she was subject to different treatment than other faculty members.

The school district has denied all of Dudek’s claims, but will not comment due to pending litigation.

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