Action Bronson Sued For Jacking Beats From Legendary Salsa Group


Legendary salsa orchestra El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico is dragging Queens rapper Action Bronson to court for jacking two of their tracks. The owners of “Falsaria” and “Trampolin” allege that the tracks were sampled on Bronson’s “Mofongo” (also a traditional Puerto Rican dish) and “Tapas” without permission.

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According to records, Bronson has admitted on Twitter he sampled “Falsaria” from the pioneering group. “I like to cook to Spanish and Latin music,” he told Inquisitor in 2014. “If you’re in the kitchen […] I’d suggest bands like El Gran Cambo de Puerto Rico.”

Considering that Mr. Wonderful is still reaping the financial rewards off his plagiarism, the owners want Bronson to stop distribution immediately and pay them the damages.

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Hear the sampling in question: