Don’t Expect Any New Jams From Azealia Banks For The Next Eight Months


According to her Twitter tirade that went down last Thursday (Aug. 6), Azealia Banks is being plucked out of the recording studio for the next eight months due to contractual stipulations that will prohibit her from releasing music.

Per usual, the Ice Princess revealed that her now-former manager Jeff Kwatinetz no longer wanted to work with her, but is still holding her to the contract’s fine print clauses that end in February 2016. Coining it a “bad business deal,” Banks made her regret teaming with the management and production labels very clear. This adds another roadblock to the “Chasing Time” rapper’s road to riches following the cancellation of an anticipated joint tour with K. Michelle. Besides her ordinary social media showdowns and mixes of controversy, she let fans know that she won’t be buzzing through their headphones until March 2016: