5 Things We Want To See On ‘BET Uncut’


Strip clubs and sensationalism have been in hip-hop’s DNA for a long, long time, and BET played its part by rolling its late night hip-hop video show, BET Uncut, showcasing some of hottest and rawest videos from your daily rotation. It’s also home to Nelly’s epic classic “Tip Drill,” a cut that every thug and pre-pubescent youngster had on VHS for obvious reasons.

On Tuesday (Aug. 11), BET Uncut will make its return after the series finale of The Game. More than just a hub for booty-shaking visuals, it served as an outlet for underground artists and up-and-comers to showcase their explicit visuals before yelling “Wooorrrrlllllddddstaaaarrrrrr!!!!!” was even a thing.

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Times have changed in the nine years since its last aiting but now, it’s time for BET to capitalize on it and freshen up the product. Here’s some pitches to BET that can help upgrade the show for the uninitiated.

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