SIKE: BET Pranks The Internet And Announces ‘Uncut’ Was Just Promo For ‘Punk’d’


Our feelings hurt.

Last week BET announced it would return it’s cult classic programming Uncut. Some raised an eyebrow, some were in disbelief, but many were elated to know after 11 o’clock, they’d be able to view as much T&A as they could possibly digest.

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But there was one teeny, tiny problem. It was all a sham! A lie!

In an effort to promote the cable network’s newest show Punk’d, BET fooled the Internet by making everyone believe Uncut would return, in essence, pulling off the show’s first successful prank.

When folks realized the joke was on them, well, let’s just say they didn’t take it lightly.  

Well done, BET. Well done.

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