Here’s Proof That If All Else Failed, Beyonce Could Be The Queen Of Commercials


If Beyonce did commercials, she would sound just like Jade Novah.

The singer/songwriter/scarily-accurate Beyonce imitator reimagined famous taglines from brands like McDonald’s, Band-Aid, Toys “R” Us in the voice of Mrs. Carter, and the results prove that Queen Bey could have another career down the pipeline. Captioning the video with possibly one of the truest phrases ever written, Novah noted that “Beyonce makes everything sound better!”

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But Novah is no novice at putting on her best version of Mrs. Carter. Dubbing her doppelganger Keyonce, Novah’s Beyonce videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube. Her most popular video, “The Untold Story of Keyonce Bowles,” has pulled in a whopping 862 million views:

Jade Novah’s spot-on impression now calls to question what other fields Beyonce could excel in. Telemarketing, perhaps? Let’s all use our imaginations until the next parody.

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