New Poll Shows The #BlackLivesMatter Movement Has Changed The Way Americans Think


From influencing the masses to take to streets all over the U.S., to having an ubiquitous presence on social media platforms, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has proven successful, according to a new poll administered by The Washington Post. The report found that more Americans are concerned with black rights this year, as opposed to last year, before Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson.

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Last year, the Pew Research Center found that only 46 percent of Americans thought that more needs to change for blacks to have the same equal rights as whites. This year however, the Post found that 60 percent of Americans felt the fight for equal rights is not over. This increase also includes white people’s views on the issue as well. The newspaper discovered that 53 percent of white people have changed their minds in regards to equal rights for blacks, which is a steady improvement from 2014 where only 39 percent did so.

While the fight for equality among all in this country is far from over, it is refreshing to see that the constant protests have reaped the benefits of changing some minds and hearts out there.