Interview: Capone-N-Noreaga Discuss The Concept Behind Their ‘Lessons’ Album


Queens duo Capone-N-Noreaga deserve more than most New York City rappers who claim king. Since the the mid ’90s their name has been synonymous with Rotten Apple Street-Hop. Holding down the whole five boroughs with albums like The War Report and The Reunion (and N.O.R.E. solo albums), CNN has stayed true to the grimy sounds that helped give them a name in the hip-hop world.

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However, don’t think these veterans are out to preach to the youth about how “rap is dead.” Nah. CNN is simply putting their own brand of street music back out to the masses. With the recent release of their new album, Lessons, the group wants to expand on their legacy.

“Instead of us complaining to the new generation, I wanted to give [listeners] examples of what “real hip-hop” is supposed to sound like,” says N.O.R.E. “As opposed to doing a whole bunch of radio records — we wanted to keep it all street. Our version of hardcore hip-hop.”

“We started this with a vision,” Capone continues about the new album. “So when it came time to make the album it was so easy.”

Watch the interview below.

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