Chevy Woods Serves Up His ’48 Hunnid Project’ At BBQ Listening Party

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On Sunday (Aug. 16), Chevy Woods cooked up summer eats and served his 48 Hunnid Project for a BBQ party at Community 54, an urban street wear store, in Manhattan. Hosted by veteran hip-hop journalist Rob Markman, the outdoor listening session found the former high school All-American wide receiver puffing on some good good while decked out in a pair of spotless Air Jordan Retro 6s, black tee and blue jeans, giving the play-by-play of his seven-track EP.

Starting things off is the project’s self-titled cut. Woods is at his best when he recollects over particular moments of his life. And he does just that over the somber backdrop on “48 Hunnid.” Here, Woods documents his dope-dealing days, his grandfather’s death, praying family members and the murder of Coke Boy rep, Chinx Drugz, for whom Chevy held a moment of silence during the cookout.

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Over the course of Woods’ career, the Taylor Gang MC has shown the potential to pen radio-friendly hits without compromising his sound. The proof is on wax. Just catch an earful of tracks like “Sticc to the Plan” and “30 Deep.” These cuts are blessed with detailed songwriting and catchy hooks that could get comfy on airwaves.

“Now That I’m Up” follows the same memorable yet mature content that Chevy uses. The #StartedFromTheBottom-esque track adds hue to 48 Hunnid without sounding like a facsimile of other songs currently flooding the market. “You can identify with this,” Chevy said. “I’m sure you know, you come up and everybody want to f**k with you. This is one of those tracks.”

The Dej Loaf-assisted “All Said And Done” stands boldly on its own. Here, Woods sets his own standard with his potent storytelling while delivering a dismal yet gripping tale of a fallen bando soldier serving Fed time after getting caught with two chickens. The second verse on this track compliments the first as Chevy chin checks so-called boys keeping it 100. Dej holds down hook duties, adding the perfect dash of grace to the track with her memorable melodies.

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“We sent her the track, she sent it back and it had so much emotion on it that I already had my verse done but I went back and re-did them,” Chevy explained. “I had to match the feelings that she gave on there.”

The EP concludes with “Lookin’ Back,” a grave track with Wiz Khalifa, where Woods continues to flex his pen game about taking L’s only to put in extra grind time. The project doesn’t come without flaws, though. The Post Malone and PJ-assisted “Getcha Some” and “Whole Lot” with OG Maco are the EP’s weakest links, failing to ignite Woods’ same spark as the other cuts. Maco also outshines him.

Overall, 48 Hunnid is solid because it puts Woods’ thought process on full display. It’s reflective and flaunts his pensive side. Still, it’s one hit away from a home-run.

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