Dej Loaf’s First Time Trying A Weed Brownie Was A Near-Death Experience (In Her Head)


By the sound of this latest anecdote, Dej Loaf had a hell of a time on Nicki Minaj’s “Pinkprint Tour.” The pint-sized singer/rapper took to Twitter to share a story about her first time trying a weed brownie while on the road with Nicki, Meek Mill, Tinashe and Rae Sremmurd. And let’s just say, Dej can now lead an anti-drug campaign.

Detailing the experience, Dej tweeted a hilarious account of what it felt like to be high on an edible. Recalling that it was “like watching herself die,” she shared that she imagined “a life roller coaster” before passing out and being taken to the hospital. She also wrote that it felt like people were sitting in the lenses of her glasses and that she thought she would wake up from her stupor as a newborn baby. The doctor’s prognosis? She “overdosed on marijuana.”

Yes, really. Let her explain:

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Thanks for the laugh, Dej Loaf.

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