Denzel Washington Drops Gems At A Louisiana Boys & Girls Club


Hollywood leading man Denzel Washington hung out with the youth of Baton Rouge on Sunday (Aug. 2) for a one-on-one session where he gave them what he believes to be life’s most important advice.

Centered in the middle of an array of golden chairs seated with anxious teens, Washington started on a 30-minute conversation about his pivotal childhood moments and lessons he learned as he climbed his way to the outstanding success he is today, reported NOLAHis guidance for the youngsters was simple: be humble, give thanks, give back, put in work, be smart and get educated. The double-Golden Globe Award winner connected his youthful experience as a member of the Mount Vernon Boys and Girls club to his current career prosperity, adding that the counselors taught him what he needed to achieve the success he has today.

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“These children rely on us,” Washington told interviewers after speaking with the kids. “If we don’t invest now, we’re going to be investing later, $65,000 to $80,000 per inmate. If we don’t pay now, we’re going to pay later, either through our taxes, someone sticking a gun in our face, somebody breaking into our house.”

Mr. Washington was in town for the filming of the upcoming big screen magnet, The Magnificent SevenAccording to NOLA, he often makes appearances at local Boys and Girls clubs wherever he so happens to be filming and is also a national spokesperson for the wide-ranging youth organization. Washington uses his elite platform as access to reach out to the youth and spread his positive words of inspiration.

“I want them to believe in themselves,” Washington said. “I only have so much time with them, so I try to give them some tools. We have to encourage them. They need us. Whatever problems young people have, they’re our fault. They didn’t come to this world doing the things they did. It’s our fault. We dropped the ball, so we have to look in the mirror and say, ‘What else can I do to help them?’ Try to inspire them.”

The Magnificent Seven is slated for a 2017 release where Washington will suitably lead one of the star roles in the film.