If You Were Wondering, Draya Does Indeed Photoshop Her Instagram Photos: “We All Have Flaws”


These days, Draya Michele is doing an bang up job at ridding herself of the stamp as a reality TV show chick. The Basketball Wives LA cast member, who recently revealed that this season will be her last, has been putting in overtime to solidify herself as a real boss chick and entrepreneur with her popular swim suit line, Mint Swim.

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As most know, Draya’s Instagram account is filled with seductive selfies and full body shots of her modeling her own swimsuits, that usually leave little to the imagination.and give us absolute body envy. Petite yet curvy in all the right places, Michele recently admitted that the flawless photos we all ogle over have indeed been photo shopped to perfection. She posted side by side photos showing both a unretouched and retouched photo captioned:

I’m so picky about photo shop, but of course we all need it. I don’t really like to let photographers over do it, so I do it myself sometimes. The pic I just posted was edited slightly by me. At the side of breast where I have a scratch, my thigh just overall smoothness, and at the hip cuz I didn’t like that crease. We all have flaws. And there’s nothing wrong with a little edit here and there. Love yourself, and do what makes you feel good. This post was to ensure you you guys, that everyone has insecurities. And that’s ok. Edited vs Raw ?? Which one do you prefer?

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