Let ‘ELLE Canada’ Tell It, Dashikis Are The “New” IT Fashion Item


Fashion has proven to have a hard time getting it right when it comes to meshing staples in communities of color and pop culture. ELLE Canada is the latest publication to ruffle digital feathers after crowning a “new” trend: the dashiki.

Last night, in an unfortunate tweet, the northern publication informed their 64K+ followers that everyone must behold tribal printed tunics as the newest fashion trend to get ahold of.

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Of course after much dragging, they swiftly removed the tweet from their timeline before the sun got to rise.

On the site, the article inquires whether or not stylish dashikis are the new kaftan (Ed. note: No, dashikis are not new to the world, guys). And to their credit, tragic wording aside, they did credit that the clothing inspiration originated from West Africa. In addition to shining a light on Jhene Aiko’s tribal garb, they included Beyonce, Rihanna, Zendaya, Nicole L. Williams, Shay Mitchell and Sarah Jessica Parker in their gallery.

Thoughts on their fashion declaration?