Mayweather Preps To Face Andre Berto In His Final Fight On Showtime’s ‘All Access’


In what will reportedly be Floyd Mayweather’s final bout, the fighter will face former WBC champion Andre Berto in an effort to secure a 49-0 record tie with the legendary Rocky Marciano. Leading up to the Sept. 12 match, Mayweather and Berto’s preparations are being captured by Showtime’s All Access. Going behind-the-scenes as Mayweather eyes making boxing history, the show also gets into the mind and technique of Berto, the underdog.

Doing what he does best, Mayweather entertains as he takes the cameras onto his private jets and along for his shopping sprees. All Access also heads to his Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, where he his final set of intensive training will take place. Before getting to the “hard work and dedication,” Mayweather offered a few words for his detractors and former opponents.

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“Put him in front of me. I drink soda, I eat pizza, I hang out with chicks all day. These fighters still can’t beat me. They fighting everyday, they in the gym everyday. Just give me six weeks, and I got him. Give me six weeks,” he affirmed. “It don’t matter who I fight, they gonna complain anyway. Y’all chose Cotto, y’all chose Canelo, y’all chose Pac–y’all did that. And I did was treat them like they was bowling pins; I knocked them all down. Don’t come to me talking about no fighters no more.”

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Meanwhile, in a lot less glamorous fashion, Berto enlists his new trainer Virgil Hunter to regroup his focus as he prepares for the fight of his life. “You don’t get these types of opportunities too much, so I’mma push to the end of the earth to make sure we do what it takes to get it done,” he said. In first taste of how Mayweather rolls, the two fighters’ families exchange a few words during a promo photo shoot.

“Floyd, of course he gotta bring his whole mob. He gotta bring 100 people with him to make him feel good,” Berto points out.

Watch as the two fighters prepare to go at it in the first episode of All Access below: