Texas Police Officers Go Viral With “His Life Matters” Photo


Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens of the Trinity Police Department in Texas have recently gained popularity with a photo they took back in May. A proponent of the “#AllLivesMatter” retort to the movement against police brutality activists of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Jones and Givens wrote “His Life Matters” on their palms and posed alongside each other, which got a slew of reactions on Twitter:

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In a recent interview with Fox and Friends, Jones and Givens shared that the photo was a joint idea. Jones said that the idea sprung from their “aggravation” with current events, while Givens said that color doesn’t matter in the police department when you have “Christian values and live morally.” Chief Jones expressed a desire to uphold law enforcement as a whole. “I don’t want to put down law enforcement all together, but there’s so many things that are happening these days that sometimes we can’t stand behind officers that do bad things,” he said. “However, the community and the nation can’t condemn every single officer based on the actions of a few.” Watch Chief Jones’ and Officer Givens’ take on “#AllLivesMatter” below: