For The People: Janelle Monae Marches With #BlackLivesMatter Protesters In Philadelphia


There’s a way to balance one’s day job with the turmoil going on in the community surrounding you. Janelle Monae and her woke crew of artists at Wondaland Records have effectively managed to achieve that equilibrium.

While in Philadelphia for a group concert yesterday (Aug. 12), the creative troupe took to the streets to partake in peaceful protests. They stood alongside #BlackLivesMatter activists to speak out for those who have fallen due to police brutality. “They say a question lives forever, until it gets the answer it deserves,” Monáe said to the crowd. “Won’t you say their names? Can we say their names right now? Can we speak their names, as long as we have breath in our bodies?”

In addition to the Wondagirl-in-Chief, Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty, and Roman GianArthur were also on hand to encourage us all to say the names of the unarmed victims.

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After they stood with the Philly people, the Ms. Monae & Co. ended their night with a performance.


Thank you Philly!!!! We love you! #welcometothefuture #Theeephustour #wondalandrecords


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