Damn, Hov: Jay Z Deleted His Instagram Account In Less Than 24 Hours


Looks like Instagram is no place for Jay Z.

Mr. Carter made headlines last night (Aug. 29) when he did the unthinkable and created an Instagram page. Snatching up the handle @HovSince96, the rap mogul made his debut with a birthday message to the late, great Michael Jackson, commemorating his life with a photo from their Summer Jam appearance in 2001. In a caption that we all know now should have been taken very literally, Jay warned that his account might not be very active:

“Happy Birthday to the King! This may be my first and last post,” he wrote.

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And indeed it was. Go for a search of Jay Z’s Instagram account today, and it will turn up this very disappointing result:

CREDIT: Instagram

Was Hov trolling us all just to see how many followers he could rack up? Were the filters not up to his standards? Why didn’t Beyonce make him stay? The world may never know.

Guess it was nice while it lasted.

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