John Leguizamo Wants To School America With ‘Latin History For Dummies’


Longtime funny man and actor John Leguizamo is starting a new comedy project titled Latin History for Dummies. The endeavor is in efforts to school America on the marginalization of Latinos throughout U.S. history.

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Leguizamo’s earlier tales from Freaks and Ghetto Klown vividly detail his growing up in the good ol’ U-S of A. Seemingly unsatisfied with the knowledge he kicked then, the Colombian star now looks to cover the whole gamut of the Latino experience, which includes undergoing a certain level of erasure.

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“It was like, I’m watching TV and I’m watching movies and listening to radio and we’re invisible,” he told HuffPost Live. “I was like, ‘where are all the Latin people that I hang out with and goof with all day and talk about politics and talk about art?’…So I started writing my own stuff, I wanted to see my people the way I saw them.”

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He also brought into question the juxtaposition of historical American figures lauded for their contributions and prominent Latinos ignored for theirs. “You feel like an invisible person screaming in the woods and nobody hears you. And it’s really weird and unfair because we had huge contributions,” he added, before considering the alternative. “Just imagine, you’re a white kid and all of a sudden everybody’s Latin and everything they’re teaching you is Latin and you don’t hear anything about yourself or about your contributions.”

Leguizamo’s new project is still in the works, as he is diligently shopping it around to various comedy clubs. Stay tuned.