Interview: K Camp Has A “Gin & Juice” Remake With Snoop Dogg


Atlanta’s K Camp recently stopped by the VIBE offices in New York City with a MacBook full of new music to share with the staff. Among his choice selections was a funky 2015 remake of Snoop Dogg’s classic single, “Gin and Juice.”

While the Doggfather’s version was released over 20 years ago, the remake carries the same fun-loving spirit of the original Dr.Dre-produced single. K Camp plans to release the song on his forthcoming debut album, Only Way It Up — which he plans to drop on Sept. 4.

“I still got the Voicemail to this day — Snoop left me a Voicemail,” K camp excitedly tells VIBE. “He said ‘K Camp, you a bad mutherfucker.’ I might have to throw that on my album before the song comes on. I had to save that shit.”

The collaboration actually happened almost by accident. Camp says he DM’d Snoop one random day about the song on a whim — and was shocked when the West Coast legend immediately replied back with a request for the song.

Stay tuned for more from K Camp’s exclusive interview with VIBE TV.