Kid Cudi Spreads The Word Of John F. Kennedy On “JFKPSA”


KiD CuDi is on the road to releasing his 5th studio effort, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven, a more socially conscious and driven album than his previous four efforts. The Cleveland musician may have tried to jump from the tallest building sonically with “Confused” but his latest release “JFKPSA” doesn’t even feature CuDi at all.

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Instead, “JFKPSA” is an instrumental, a guitar laden track that plays underneath a speech from former President John F. Kennedy. “Just a lil something to get your mind readjusted,” CuDi says of the track which won’t appear on the new album. The direction of it, with its booming riffs and driven message however, is clear.

Hear “JFKPSA” from Cudder below.