Kim Royster Makes History As The Highest Ranking Black Woman In The NYPD


NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Royster has made history. The veteran cop and mother of two will be promoted to chief by the end of the month, making her the highest-ranking black woman in uniform in NYPD history.

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Royster began her career in 1985 as an administrative aids, and is now the current commanding officer of the NYPD’s Public Information Office. She’s credited for spearheading the NYPD gun buyback program, which is responsible for taking more than 8,000 weapons off the streets.

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Royster’s promotion, which includes a transfer to the NYPD personnel division in which she’ll oversee the police-academy recruitment process, comes on the promise Commissioner Bill Bratton made to diversify the force. However, a source tells the Daily News Royster wasn’t given the position because of her race, but on account of her experience.

“She was in Internal Affairs, she was a precinct executive, she worked in the Office of Management Analysis and Planning,” the source said. “She has a macro view of the department.”

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