Almost Flawless: Here Are The Wins And Fails Of Lollapalooza 2015

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The saying goes: you win some and you lose some. Luckily for the people that made this year’s Lollapalooza come to fruition, there weren’t too many L’s to walk away with.

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From the speedy, organized check-ins and (mostly) on-time sets to the multitude of security and lack of rain, this year’s nearly ***flawless Chicago fest deserves a handclap. Beyonce would be proud.

Here, in no particular order, are the highest and lowest moments of Lollapalooza 2015.


Beatles fans having their “Na Na Na” signs ready for Paul McCartney’s rendition of “Hey Jude”

A$AP Rocky and friends momentarily bringing the party to the Samsung Galaxy Owner’s Lounge

One particular Beysus worshipper spreading his own gospel on Lolla grounds

  Meanwhile, this happened while we walked to another stage… #Beyhive @lollapalooza #Lolla #GalaxyLife   A photo posted by VibeMagazine (@vibemagazine) on

How consistently turnt the crowd was for every set and how positive the vibe was overall

Young Thug sharing a blunt with a front row fan

Sam Smith bringing all the aunties out to play during his set (no seriously, he legit hit a family barbecue-esque shuffle)

A$AP Rocky giving a shout out to Chief Keef and bringing out Vic Mensa just to party

#AboutLastNight | @asvpxrocky brings out @vicmensa just for Chi-City #GalaxyLife @lollapalooza #Lolla #GrantPark

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Kid Cudi’s utter jubilation being back on the stage

A man in a wheelchair crowd surfing all the way from the middle of the thick crowd to the photo pit in the front

CREDIT: VIBE/ Stacy-Ann Ellis



Travi$ Scott’s 45-minute set consisting of his DJ playing around for 30 minutes and a thwarted five minutes of raucous stage time

Grant Park momentarily being evacuated for a daytime rainstorm that never came

The unforgiving 89-degree heat, ever-present sweat and dusty winds

Lion Babe’s lead singer, Jillian Hervey, suffering from a faulty mic


“Oh I got power, Pisces sign / They shouted me, ‘Watch out behind!” ~ @lionbabe at @lollapalooza #Lolla #GalaxyLife


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