Macklemore Talks About The Pitfalls of Success For MTV’s “Fully Human” Documentary


Even if you wanted, you couldn’t escape Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ insanely sticky single “Thrift Shop” from the duo’s Grammy-award winning LP The Heist. After the third or fourth time you heard the track about shopping for cheap threads, you–along with Mack–were over it, but unfortunately the world wasn’t.

“It’s intense to hear your song everywhere,” the 32-year-old said. “It’s tight for a minute. It’s dope. Then it’s like ‘alright let’s turn this off’ and the world’s like ‘nah, we’re just getting started. You have no idea’ “

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In the MTV 10-minute documentary, Macklemore, real name Ben Haggerty, and Ryan Lewis talk about the pitfalls of success and what it means to go from the unknown to the very known.

The doc titled Very Human, Seattle’s golden boy touches on everything from him being the face of cultural appropriation and white privilege in hip-hop, the duo’s relentless grind, relapsing back into drugs and the motivation his daughter–who ironically enjoys Snoop’s classic record “Gin & Juice”– gave him.

Peep the doc below.