Throwback Thursday: ‘Martin’ Debuted Twenty-Three Years Ago On FOX

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Time truly does fly when you’re having fun, which is exactly what viewers across the nation did when they tuned into watch Martin.

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The 30-minute sitcom starring Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, Tommy Ford and Carl Anthony Payne as the lovable, but dumb, Cole debuted 23 years ago today (August 27) on FOX. The sitcom, centered around Martin’s character, Martin Payne, a radio DJ at the fictional Detroit radio station WZUP Radio, and his rude, wisecracking comments towards Cole and Tommy (who famously never had a job) as well as Gina’s best friend and his worst enemy, Pam.

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Martin and friends not only offered real life LOLs and regular LMAOs, but the show’s supporting characters also became vital to its success including Bruh Man from the “fif flo” who usually put up four fingers when saying so, oftentimes snuck through Martin’s window to make himself a “sammich,” or Hustle Man who would sell anything including famously trying to swindle Martin into purchasing pigeons on a branch. One also cannot forget Shenaynay, Martin’s loud , obnoxious and rude next door neighbor who used every opportunity she could to clown and crack jokes on Gina and Pam.

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Martin not only brought the jokes, but was also featured some music’s biggest names on the show including Outkast, Jodeci and Biggie.


And while all good things come to an end, Martin is still considered a cult classic for many, providing anyone who needs a laugh with plenty.

Raise a glass to Martin.