MoBo The Great Rides Solo In Her “Pimparachi” Video


Chicago’s MoBo The Great won’t stop until the whole world knows her name. More than just a pretty face with a few rhymes, the Windy City rep has a level artistry that surpasses most MCs in her freshmen class.

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Now, 21, MoBo released her debut project Fuck The Public two months ago. Paper Magazine recently premiered her “Pimparachi” video which you can see below. Clad in black with her braids tucked behind her, she raps with a purpose, circling around and detailing how she and her crew are getting money without the help of majors.

Brushing off Ricardo Tisci edition Air Force Ones, MoBo The Great is all by her lonesome in the initial clip. It’s just her and a simple performance — a woman with the confidence to scrap an entire project at 20 because she had already achieved a career goal twice.