Nas Will Sponsor Tech Scholarships For Latinos & African Americans


New York educational team General Assembly is looking to rectify a perpetual lack of diversity in the field of technology. The “Opportunity Fund” will offer scholarships to women, veterans, African-Americans, and Latinos, all groups who have historically and systematically been denied equal access to the sciences. Google, Microsoft, Hirepurpose and Nas have signed up as the initiative’s first financial backers.

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“Each of the donors is taking on a target demographic,” reported the Observer’s BetaBeat. “Google will provide scholarship money for women, Hirepurpose and Microsoft will fund veterans and Nas’s QueensBridge Venture Partners will sponsor African-Americans and Latinos.”

A glaring issue in engineering and its subcultures is the “like-attracts-like” modus operandi. “This is the start of what hopefully will be a contribution to what will be a more diverse and accessible community worldwide,” said General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz.

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Nas helped revive Mass Appeal’s quarterly publication with an an undisclosed six figure investment in 2013. He’s also gone into business with creative firm Decon and White Owl Capital Partners in the interest of technology.