New Documentary Follows Miguel In Rare Form


“Growing up in L.A. I think prepares you in an interesting way, because you start to learn about hope and desperation really early. You’re kinda acclimated to the possibilities of not making it, because you’ve seen so many people around you who didn’t.”

That is Miguel’s opening statement in an interview where the now fully-formed artist recounts his earlier days in San Pedro, CA. The Yours Truly special, Crazy Enough, features never-before-seen footage of a little-known Miguel, seen visiting his neighborhood and childhood home while discussing the effects of his parents’ divorce and a flawed music contract.

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“This piece is about growth. The experience we had with him, where he opened up the private places of his life, inspired us to grow into Yours Truly,” co-director Will Abramson told the FADER. “We got the bug. And seeing him grow to where he’s at now, while staying so true to the ideals and even the words he used back then, is humbling. I’m proud that Yours Truly is a part of his story.”

The footage below was postponed and never released. Yours Truly flew back this summer to speak to the blaxican singer again, and the cinematographic results are chilling.

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