Here’s Proof That Nicki Minaj Is Not Here For Trolls On Instagram


In case the masses weren’t aware, Nicki Minaj is not a fan of trolls.

While sharing photos at her brother’s wedding on Saturday (Aug. 22), the Young Money rapstress garnered some less-than-favorable comments about her hairstyle. When a fan left a negative comment beneath her photo about her ponytail, Nicki left a short and not-so-sweet reply:

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#NickiMinaj VS. Fan! #clapbackseason

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Taking things a step further, Nicki Minaj upped her clapback game by posting photos of her trolls. with caption such as “This girl dissin,” and “she said she don’t like my hair:”

#NickiMinaj throwing early morning shade! #NickiMinaj vs. Fans #clapbackseason

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Nicki later deleted the posts after getting a bit of backlash for “bullying” her commentators. She took to Twitter to inquire how the reactions to her posts were fair, noting that people “can dish it but can never take it.”

This calls to question whether celebs should be subject to comments without offering a reply, or if the “clapback” is a warranted response. Which side are you on? Sound off.

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