Nipsey Hussle Apologizes To Black Women For Offensive Tweet


Celebrities don’t always reply and retweet from fans, but when they do, it’s now safe to say that what happens between those “@” symbols doesn’t stay there.

All Money In labeler Nipsey Hussle found that out the hard way Sunday (Aug. 2) when he replied to user “@1FLYMEXICAN” with a perceived anti-black women undertone. When he tweeted “black females are a disgrace to black culture,” Nipsey replied. “I can’t retweet that but LMAO TRU shit.” The user, who also received much backlash from the tweet, went on to say that it was “a lighthearted joke.” What the two perceived as a softly humorous resulted in flack-mode for the “Stay Loyal” rapper’s Twitter mentions:

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Nipsey, who is dating black film star and hip-hop model Lauren London, caught wind of the clapbacks and, apparently, realized that he had made a mistake. In the Crenshaw-bred emcee’s series of tweets, he was sure to include that he only wanted to address the black women’s audience who were offended by his tasteless humor. Adding that “the context” of the tweet was satirical, he explained that he figured most people would see the laughing emojis from the original tweet and understand the “humor”:

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Do better next time, Nips.