Catch Phil V’s “Document The Fresh” Polaroid Exhibit At THE BISHOP


Brooklyn based photographer Phil V has established himself in the picture taking game by snapping candid polaroids of some of your favorite hip-hop artists like Jay Z, Pharrell and Alicia Keys. And what adds to his authentic knack for capturing real moments is a charming honest on-the-spot scribble, which he makes all his subjects do once their picture is taken on the white border of the photograph.

Besides the press he’s gotten, he is now showcasing his musical infused flicks to a gallery near you. If you’re located in New York City, that is. In conjunction with Gerald Watson, and Phil will be showing his art in the “Document The Fresh” exhibit at THE BISHOP gallery in Brooklyn.

Phil’s appreciation for transparent snapshots came naturally to him just a mere three years ago in 2012, when he copped his first polaroid camera. “When I purchased my first camera in 2012, it was a subconscious decision. I didn’t fully realize what I was really getting myself into. I just kept telling myself I need to find a Polaroid camera. I was already using a digital camera but I was searching for a different feeling. I wasn’t influenced by anyone to search for a Polaroid camera,” he told Impossible Magazine. “I wasn’t even aware of The Impossible Project when I made the purchase. After using my camera for the first time, I found the feeling I’d been searching for. People’s reaction to seeing a Polaroid camera is exciting and it shows in the photo. They’re excited to see the results and eager to take more.”

Within the last three years, he’s met a slew of creatives ranging from musicians to chefs, who day-by-day continue to inspire him to catch more reality shots. “The people I’ve photographed over the past three years have continuously inspired me to continue to meet new people,” he continued. “Whether it’s by sneaking into a venue to get the shot I want or contributing to a publication, everything organically falls into place when properly prepared.”

Catch a view at Phil’s polaroid portraits on “Document The Fresh” (a concert/photo exhibition) at THE BISHOP gallery located at 916 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY until Aug. 30 from 2-8 p.m. for the exhibit’s closing reception.