“Three Moves Ahead” : The 13 Best Lines From From Last Night’s ‘Power’

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Kanon and Lobos are both in town to collect from Ghost. Lobos wants his money and K wants his old territory and Ghost’s head on a platter. In episode 208 titled “Three Moves Ahead” Special K, donning a new leather jacket and jeans, puts in place his long awaited takeover from the man he groomed who later put him behind bars. Lobos who narrowly escaped an attempt on his life, offers Ghost the keys to his empire so he can remain in control and concealed from authorities.

While Ghost thinks over Lobos’ offer, Angela pieces together the final parts of her investigation against the Mexican drug lord but tries one last time to save Jamie from potentially getting caught in the crosshairs. And while K, Lobos and Angela are all strategizing against Ghost, it’s Ghost who–this time around–stays three steps ahead of everyone.

In this life or death game of Chess, can Ghost outsmart his adversaries, or will he just end up being a pawn?

Check out the 13 best quotes from episode 208 “Three Moves Ahead.”

1. “So Tash, I’ll take the kids to dinner sometime this week. You pick the day, alright?”– Ghost

Tasha and Ghost have grown accustomed to their new life. Easing into a rhythm of co-parenting, the two–for a brief moment–remain civil while working out a schedule for Ghost to spend time with the kids.

2.”Or, you make him disappear.” — Tasha

Ghost tells Tasha Lobos has arrived to collect his money. Having grown tired of his erratic business dealings, Ghost and Tasha conjure up a plan to remove the unpredictable drug lord from the equation, in hopes no Lobos, means no Angela and no FBI on their back.

3. “Only the NSA can do that.” –Tech guy

Angela retrieves a new cell which allows her to see all of Ghost’s text messages. Before paying up, the tech guy tells her no refunds will be issued no matter how much information she may learn about her significant other.

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4) “Looking over our shoulder for the cops and the competition? That’s this game, Ghost.” — Tommy

Tommy isn’t too keen on the idea of killing Lobos, so much so, he questions if Ghost has been dipping in the very product they’re selling. When Ghost tries to persuade Tommy with thoughts of a suspicion-free life, Tommy reminds them suspicion, fear and always looking over their shoulder is the drug life.

5.”I need to be invisible so I can stay invincible.”– Lobos

After an attempt on his life, Lobos realizes he’s too exposed traveling to America to collect his cut. He sets up a meeting with Ghost where he propositions him with control over his major networks. Distributors in California, Texas and New York would all report to Ghost, so Lobos can remain in the shadows and out of harm’s way.

6. “I don’t mean any disrespect, but your attachment to him is holding you back.”– Lobos

Lobos admires Ghosts’ business savvy, but does not feel the same about Tommy. Realizing Tommy doesn’t think before he acts, Lobos offers Ghost the keys to his kingdom, on the condition he drops his most trusted ally.

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7. “Look man, I don’t want to be on the corner forever.”– Dre

While Dre’s loyalty may lie with Kanon, Ghost showed him there’s life beyond being a low-level drug dealer. On the urging of Special K, Dre visits Ghost in hopes to gather information about the meeting with Lobos. Ghost, sensing the set up, shoo’s K’s young protege along, but not before seeing he maybe a bad liar, but his ambitions about getting off the corner are honest.

8. “You don’t think he’s trying to run away with the Fed bitch?” — Tasha

Tasha suggested killing Lobos believing if Lobos is gone, so are all their problems. But after receiving a 911 text from Tommy, and learning Ghost wants to do away with the drug game all together, Tasha thinks Ghost wants Lobos dead so he can run off with Angela and leave her empty handed with three kids.

9. “Did I cheat? Yes. But that doesn’t make me any less of a father.” — Ghost

Pissed Ghost has plans to leave her penniless and with the burden of raising their children alone, Tasha confronts him at the club. Ghost refutes her claim and says he maybe a bad husband but reminds her he’s an exceptional father.

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10. “What y’all been up to?” — Keisha

While Ghost has been out of the house, Shawn and Tasha have been playing house. As Tasha gets dinner ready, Shawn sneaks a few hugs and rubs before Keisha walks through the door. The chemistry between Tasha and Shawn is obvious, but made more apparent when Keisha asks how they’ve been only to receive a fury of gibberish, lies, and foolishness as a response.

11. “You’re looking to start a coup, and you’ve come to me with your plan.”- The Serb

Ruiz agrees to join forces with Kanon and tries to get The Serb to do the same. In an effort to make their new alliance stronger, Ruiz comes clean and tells him it wasn’t the Albanians who cleaned out their stash, but Ghost, Tommy and himself.  The honesty proves valuable and The Serb agrees to work with Kanon to eliminate Ghost and Tommy.

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12.”Let’s just go right now, straight to the airport, I don’t even need clothes. I just need you.” — Angela  

Angela knows the Feds are closing in on Lobos and fears Jamie may get caught in the mix. In a last ditch effort to keep him safe, Angela suggests they leave everything behind to run off together. Unfortunately, Ghost has business to take care off, but promises Angela they’ll have their day. It just won’t be today.

13. “All them years we haven’t been together is your Uncle G’s doing. He robbed us of all that time! –” Kanon

Shawn confronts Kanon about Tommy’s arrest only to learn it was Ghost who set Kanon up and sent him to prison for ten years. Filled with anger and revenge, Special K wants Ghost dead but can’t get close enough to pull the trigger himself. Shawn, realizing he’s the only one with access to Ghost, volunteers to eliminate the man who robbed him and his father of ten years.

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