“Time’s Up”: The 12 Best Lines From Last Night’s Episode Of “Power”


Ghost must think fast and act faster if he plans on staying a free man, much less alive.

In episode nine of Power titled “Time’s Up” the fairytale Ghost and Angela were living in has come to a crashing halt. With Tommy behind bars, and Angela doing her best to keep him there, Ghost makes a last ditch effort to save his best friend at the expense of risking his relationship with the woman he loves.

And while Ghost is trying to stay one step ahead of Angela, Kanon continues to plan his demise. Kanon, his one time mentor turned enemy, is determined to get what he believes he’s rightfully owed even if it means using his son as a pawn.

With one episode left in the season, the war brewing between Ghost and Kanon will soon violently erupt.

Check out the 12 best lines from last night’s episode of Power.

1. “You one ugly piece of sh*t.” — booking officer

The episode opens with Tommy going through booking in prison. Relaxed, Tommy’s fully aware of the process and doesn’t give any indication he’s nervous, but is thrown off when an officer decides to comment on his not so dashing good looks.

2. “How did you know they were going to be there?”– Mike

Angela’s work helped the task force to catch Lobos, but her superior Mike wondered how she knew exactly where Lobos would be. Telling a form of the truth, Angela said what needed to said to keep her from losing her job.

3. “I’ll think about what I can do for him.”– Angela 

The conflict of interest between Angela and Ghost is now too thick to ignore. After arresting Tommy, Angela visits Ghost and half-heartedly promises she’ll try to reduce Tommy’s sentence.

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4. “It’s going to be a long car ride with a dead body from Manhattan to Queens.”– Dre

Kanon and Dre sit Shawn down to review the plans for killing Ghost. Dre knows Shawn isn’t a murderer and advises him to not get stopped by the cops, miss an exit, or speed because after all, he’ll have a dead body in the backseat.

5. “Get Eagan to sing.”– Chief

While the task force combs through piles of paper work, the Chief of Police walks in to praise Angela for her initiative leading to the capture of Lobos, but to also remind the rest of the team, Eagan is a small fish. They want Lobos and if Tommy can snitch on him for a reduced sentence, so be it.

6. “I hope for your sake it plays out like you see.” – The Serb

Ruiz and The Serb begin to lose patience with Kanon, and while they agree Ghost being dead is good, they wonder why Lobos–who’s in prison–will trust Kanon as their New York distributor. Kanon advises the group Lobos being locked up won’t stop business and when Ghost is gone, he’ll have no choice but to come to him, a promise The Serb hopes Kanon can keep.

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7. “Uncle G!? Get that out of your head boy. He ain’t your uncle, never was.”– Kanon

Shawn, still referring to the man who sent his father to prison for ten years, calls Kanon while Ghost walks to the car. Kanon trying his best to get Shawn’s mind in the game and remind him Ghost isn’t your friend or your family anymore.

8. “There are consequences to our actions, Angie, for all of us.”– Ghost

Ghost realizes Angela isn’t willing to help Tommy walk and as she buttons her blouse after visiting him at his hotel, Ghost cryptically reminds Angela everyone has something to lose, even her.

9. “A sketch obtained by a 14-year-old, a no doubt influence from an overzealous AUSA. That’s why they left it out of evidence.”–Proctor

Right before Tommy gets ready to snitch on Ghost, his lawyer submits into evidence a full-sketch of a man that isn’t Tommy. The sketch, which was obviously switched when Angela gave Ghost the key to her apartment, was Tommy’s get out of jail free card, and potentially Angela’s get in jail for free card.

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10. “We both been playing dirty all along, you’re just mad you lost.” — Angela

Livid Ghost switched out the sketches, which may cause her to lose her job, Angela confronts him at the club. Ghost let’s Angela know he was aware she was following him to the Lobos meeting and even bugged his phone. Angela feeling betrayed and played, Ghost just reminded her he was just smarter and two steps ahead of her the whole time.

11. “I know you don’t have a change of clothes, Shawn. What they don’t show you in the movies is when you shoot somebody this close, there’s blow back.” Ghost

Although Shawn missed his first opportunity to kill Ghost, he tries to keep his word by putting a gun to Ghost’s head as Ghost grabs more liquor from storage. Ghost, like Dre and Kanon, all know Shawn isn’t a killer and talks Shawn out of making a mistake.

12. “You just a bitter old thug.” — Shawn

Before running off with Tasha and the kids, Shawn confronts his father, and foolishly returns the gun he was suppose to use to kill Ghost. Shawn confesses he wanted to make him proud, but realizes he was only a pawn in Kanon’s grand scheme.

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