Racist Woman Attacks Latina Mom At IHOP: “The Nazis Are Here!”


An older white woman spewed a barrage of bigotry at a Latina mom upon hearing her speak Spanish inside an IHOP establishment.

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“So today at IHOP a white lady stepped in and insulted my mother for speaking Spanish,” wrote Carlos Steven Vasquez on Facebook. “She told my mom to learn English Or get out of America.my mom does speak English with an accent though! I stepped in an didn’t let her do that. Please share!! This will not stop unless we step in. Latinos tenemos que hablar contra el RACISMO! Here’s the video of proof!”

Vasquez’s mom was so hurt by the melanin-deficient elderly in question (her hate speech mentioned the Nazis and going back to Spain — none of which have anything to do with the poor lady), she could hardly keep her composure during her tearful reply, purposefully articulated in English. Nothing like good ol’ racism to kick off the new week.

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