Latino Comics Roast Trump In #IDFWU Parody Music Video


“There’s millions of Latino voices. Trump you’re through, ’cause we ain’t voting for you!”

New York-based comedy troupe Room 28 released a knee-slapping parody of Big Sean’s popular hit “IDFWU,” in response to Donald Trump’s racial bias against Latino immigrants.

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The spoof music video titled “I WON’T VOTE FOR TRUMP #IWVFU” follows Elmo Difoca (played by Dominican hip-hop artist Jerry Diaz) as he mercilessly lampoons the billionaire tycoon and his cringe-worthy toupée.

The comedy crew collaborated with the Voto Latino Action Network to produce Trump’s on-screen nightmare, which also includes brilliant cameos by Don Limón and ‘hood anonymous, Deez Nuts. Even silent activist Judy Vega (we all know one) spoke volumes without saying anything at all.

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Albeit in the vein of humor, the collective succeeded in sending a clear-cut message: “we will not be voting for Presidential candidates that use our community as scapegoats for their personal gain.”

Peep said hilarity, below.