Salma Hayek On Racist Encounter: “I Felt Sorry For This Person”


Salma Hayek recently made a pit stop at HuffPost Live to discuss her new film, The Prophet. During her sit-down, the topic of race came up after being asked if she’s ever experienced discrimination. The multi-ethnic actress described a time she was overcome with pity in the face of  bigotry.

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“I have a whole book that I could write about these moments, that are very memorable,” Hayek said. “But I have to say they never really quite hurt me. I was like ‘Woah, you’re dumb, my goodness you are so ignorant.’ I sort of felt sorry for this person for just being so out of touch with the world, with his own humanity.”

Hayek, who is of a Mexican, Spanish and Lebanese descent, believes that for women discrimination is far worse than it is for men. “Now imagine [I’m a] women, Latin and Arab — and you’re asking me, ‘have I ever been discriminated?” she gushed. “Of course I’ve been discriminated [against]. I think America has a very severe problem with discrimination that we try to overlook. It’s there.”

Watch the full interview below where the Latina shares her anecdote with the masses on the type of prejudice she’s undergone for being a woman of color.

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