Photo Diary: Sam Dew’s First AfroPunk Fest Was A Sensory Overload


There’s something special about your first AfroPunk Festival. When walking into Brooklyn’s intimate Commodore Barry Park, it’s akin to entering an different world where the culture is distinct and the good vibes, palpable. Your nose is hit by the smell of good food and great herbs floating in the air. For two days, the park’s concrete grounds and patchy grass is a personal runway for thousands of the most stylishly dressed individuals in and outside of New York’s five boroughs. Beautiful humans of every race, religion, ethnicity and hue came together to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of the black experience.

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For Sam Dew, who made his AfroPunk debut this past weekend (Aug. 23), it was all a sensory overload. From the time he left his hotel in the early afternoon to his 8 p.m. set, VIBE was on hand to see the RCA artist take in the inaugural experience with wide eyes. Flip through to become a fly-on-the-wall during a day in the Damn Sue singer’s shoes.