Sephora Brings Under-The-Radar Beauty Products To The Forefront With ‘Scouted’


As if women aren’t beauty-obsessed enough, Sephora’s latest initiative will have you shelling out wads of cash to be hip to the coolest beauty brands around.

Entitled, Scouted by Sephora, the program provides consumers with under-the-radar beauty products that truly deserve more than just a simple once over.

According to WWD, the company has identified 50 niche beauty lines to showcase, that buyers feel customers will love. The company has already started this month off with eight various brans. “Each brand has a unique story. We look forward to pulling back the curtain to share these inside views, and introduce them to our consumers,” Sephora senior vice president of marketing and brands, Deborah Yeh, told the publication.

Click through the gallery above to see our top 4 product picks thus far, and head over to to peep their blooming archive.

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