London’s State Of Play Drops Official EP, ‘Talking In Static’

Music News

Static Of Play, the emerging multi-genred talents blasting through the UK, released their third EP, Talking In Static, on July 28. 

The project follows the group’s newly released singles “Like Paper Planes” and “What It Is To Be,” which debuted on Gigslutz and Hoxton FM. The socially-conscious youth group made popular waves with the singles, garnering attention from Amazing Rock Show host Aaron Phillips. Their lengthy records feature worldly-awakening lyrics, as the melodies play fittingly into the song’s crucial messages for humanity.

State Of Play also landed a huge career milestone with its recent signing to Trashed Management, a London-based music management company backing groups, photographers and producers. The 20-year-old company has seen success with clients such as Sonic Boom Six and Boy Jumps Ship.

Check out more info on the group from their official website here and press into some tunes from the EP.