“Straight Outta Compton” Hits Multi-Million Dollar Box Office Sales For Opening Weekend

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N.W.A’s biopic reached a massive mark in its box office history. The F. Gary Gray-directed reel made $24.2 million in ticket sales for its opening weekend (Aug. 14).

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According to Billboard, the critically-acclaimed film might also exceed its $50 million estimate. In an interview with VIBE, the cast spoke on Universal Pictures backing the film’s creative direction. “It’s a testament to people taking a chance. To Universal taking a chance on us,” said Corey Hawkins, the actor who plays Dr. Dre within the reel.

The importance of Straight Outta Compton can also be felt by those who’ve been influenced by the groundbreaking rap group. Ice Cube gave a statement on just that in a sit-down with ABC News.

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“A lot of people are enjoying the fruits of N.W.A, you know, a lot of people love my ‘Friday’ movies, they love ‘Boyz in the Hood,’ they love me as an actor, you know they buy Beats by Dre, and they love all the music and all these people are seeing the fruits of N.W.A.,” he said. “Because it all starts with us and ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and that’s where it starts, so I think the world deserves to see what really happened.”

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