Taraji P. Henson Comes For Jimmy Fallon In A Game Of Family Feud

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Taraji P. Henson dominated a game of Fast Family Feud until Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon delivered a very colorful response.

“Complete this phrase: ______ balls.”

The top answers from an audience survey filled the board each round. Pysching out her competition worked in the firsts three rounds and Henson guessed every time with confidence. She had no idea who Dumbledore was, but she drew from her knowledge of basketball and her Empire character, Cookie.

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Even when it seemed like Fallon would win, she knew the rules enough to disqualify his answer. And for this final round, she knew it was go home or go “BIG!” Henson’s answer failed. The actress kept buzzing in answers. Fallon interrupted with “Blue” and left a winner. The intensity of all four rounds could only be described by the second answer on the board, “Amazeballs!”

Peep the full gist of what we’re talking about during this game of Fast Family Feud.