The Booth Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary In Brooklyn


Brooklyn’s first ever fashion boutique/recording studio/multi media agency just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. Known for providing the 5 boroughs with the latest in streetwear and sneakers, the coveted spot quickly has grown from a startup to a well known player in New York City. They also give local artists the chance to record their music and help get heard by fans and tastemakers from all over the world.

VIBE was in the building during their special customer appreciation block party and snapped these fly pics from the event. Special thanks goes to the whole Booth crew for holding us down. Expect big things from the family in the near future.

Fans can check out TheBooth’s online shop right here. Also, follow them on Instagram for daily updates.

When we started The Booth NYC it was inspired by its CEO Mr. Roberto Correa which is also a hip hop artist with a very fashionable sense of style, with his talents, ambition and drive pushed him to want to do do for his career while also steeping out to become an entrepreneur. Mr. Correa with the help of friends, family and members of the community came together and launched The Booth NYC in order to better serve his surrounding area with premium clothing brands and as well to be a home for inspiring artists to be able to come to and showcase their talents as well.

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