She Got Game: Tika Sumpter On Being The Face of NFL’s Women’s Apparel Campaign


The NFL is no longer catering to the men of the house. Ladies can look flyer than ever during those Sunday afternoon throwdowns and Monday Night Football spectacles with the league’s newly launched campaign for women’s apparel. NFL has even tapped gorgeous actress Tika Sumpter to be the face of the campaign alongside Hollywood starlets Jamie Chung, Alyssa Milano, and Dascha Polanco, who will sport the fitted jerseys and rep their respective teams in style.

Vixen caught up with Sumpter, who’ll also play a young Michelle Obama in Southside With You, a rom-com of the First Couple’s first date in Chicago’s Hyde Park in 1989. Here, the New York native also dished on the campaign, her fashion sense and how she achieves her smooth, chocolate skin.–Angela Wilson

VIBE Vixen: How did you get involved with the NFL Women’s Apparel campaign?
Tika Sumpter: I heard that the NFL was looking for female fans to be a part of this year’s women’s apparel campaign. I immediately said “hell yes!” because who doesn’t love the NFL?

Jamie Chung for NFL Women’s Apparel campaign. Photo Credit: People

What makes this campaign so special?
I think what makes the NFL Women’s Apparel campaign special is that there are many unique women that are a part of the campaign. The apparel itself is also just really cool–you probably won’t find anything like their pieces anywhere else. It’s chic meets fandom. You can wear it outside of game day [like] going to get your nails done, the gym or out with your girlfriends.

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What can female football fans expect from the collection?
Female fans can expect everything from sporty to urban pieces you can pair with heels. I saw some cute sweaters on set of the campaign photo shoot, too. It’s just really on trend to what female fans are looking for.

Who is your favorite football team?
Carolina Panthers.

Who are your fashion inspirations?
Grace Jones and Coco Chanel. I love classic, sometimes crazy, but mostly easy, understated looks.

How would you describe your fashion style?
It depends on the day and how I wake up. Sometimes I feel like being super athletic. Just put on a pair of sweats or tights, or sometimes I feel like being very bohemian. I haven’t really stuck to just one fashion statement really.

Your skin is always so smooth and flawless. What is your skin regimen?
Well it’s not always so smooth and flawless as you can see as I’m on TV, but I really just try to use organic products. I just started using this line called Lush. It’s all plant based and organic. You can actually read everything on the label and know what’s going on your face. I just try to stick to organic-type products.

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What can fans expect from you the rest of the year?
Aside from being a part of this year’s NFL Women’s Apparel campaign, I’m also about to start shooting a new project called Southside with You and it’s about Michelle and Barack Obama and their first date, so I’m super excited to do that!

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