The Many Faces of Ray Donovan’s Pooch Hall


Thanks to his current gig on SHOWTIME’s Ray Donovan alongside Liev Schreiber, and his leading role on BET’s The Game with Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall is well on his way to becoming a household name. Hall plays Schreiber’s prizefighter half-brother Daryll Donovan and from the minute you see him putting in ring work in the series’ first episode, you know he’s going to be on point. That first great moment was only one of many. But before we proceed, there’s something you should know: Hall won the Southern New England Golden Gloves back in ‘94 so…best not to test the man.

Here are our Top 10 Ultimate Pooch Hall Moments:

Sexy Breakfast

Next time you offer to make breakfast for your bae, do what Pooch does in this segment from The Real and give it that 900-number flavor. They’ll never know you just grabbed that old Bisquick box and some Aunt Jemima if you offer it up like Barry White.

Five Grand, Please (210)

Jon Voight hasn’t seen a face that salty since Ice Cube gave him a few dozen sideways looks in Anaconda. Pooch Hall is not giving you five stacks Jon Voight, do not ask him.

The Other Side of the Ropes (Behind the Fix Webisode)

Just because Pooch is usually the one beating on people doesn’t mean he can’t be a caretaker too. In this scene from the webisode series Behind the Fix, we see him playing cutman for an on-the-run Manuel where he quickly drops some deep boxing philosophy: “Usually I’m the one on the other side of the ropes.”

Black Irish (110)

It’s hard not to chuckle at the joke, but when Voight gives his son the “Black Irish” shorts you can also feel the pride swell from both sides. Pooch never looks tougher in Donovan than when he rises to face his opponent’s corner in the first season.

Blind Hoop Dreams

This is a double throwback since Chris Pine and Pooch Hall look like they’re still in high school. Blind Dating is a deep cut from the golden era of high school comedy flicks, complete with all pastel everything.

Come Out Punching (101)

Pooch isn’t even formally introduced when we first see him sparring against his half-brother Terry (played by Eddie Marsan), but from that first moment you know he’s going to bring some power to the screen. Terry dispenses some valuable advice while dodging Pooch’s combinations: “First you go for the body, then you move upstairs.” Stamp.

Every Towel Scene from The Game (Derwin Davis)

I mean if I looked like Pooch Hall I probably wouldn’t wear a shirt much either. Just sayin’.

Safe Crack-up (211)

Pooch wears his emotions on his sleeve for most of Ray Donovan, but he may be at his most vulnerable when a dispensary heist goes wrong and his brother Terry gets got.

Conor’s Classic Birthday Blowout (207)

Pooch beats on that Caddy like he’s playing John Goodman in The Black Lebowski.

Breakfast Club Sit Down 

Pooch kicks it with Charlamagne and Angela Yee right before the pilot for Ray Donovan drops and spits a few bars from the track he made with Consequence. Dude has no idea what he’s in for.

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