That One Time Tracy Morgan Parked His Lambo By A New York City Bus Stop


Outside of a 29th Street bus stop in the midst of a busy Fifth Avenue was parked a sleek ice blue, $440,000 Lamborghini Aventador and its owner, comedian Tracy Morgan (Aug. 6).

Nearly two months after his first interview with NBC’s TODAY following the deadly, six-vehicle crash that took the life of his friend and fellow comic, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, Morgan looked to be in good spirits.

#VIBEonSite | @realtracymorgan randomly chillin' at a bus stop, showin' fans love.

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While snapping selfies with fans and celeb obsessees, Morgan sat at the bus station, even checking a dude who got his palms on his ride. Morgan had a stack of caseless CDs with Total inside of the Lambo, which was being groped by tourists and random staffers who left their third-story office across the street to come say hi in person. Morgan’s hazard lights were on as well as he posted up on the bus stop bench.

When asked about his health, Morgan told VIBE, “I’m just trying to get healthy. I have my good and my bad days. Just trying to feel better.”

He adds, “After a year, I just wanted to thank the people that helped save my life.”

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