Tyga Makes Cringe-Worthy Reference To Kylie Jenner’s Age On His New Mixtape

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Tyga wants to know why everyone is “so opinionated” on his “$timulated” track from his new mixtape Fu** Wat They Talkin Bout. Taking a defiant stance against his critics, the former Young Money rapper makes a remark about the chatter surrounding his relationship with 18-year-old reality star, Kylie Jenner. Responding head-on to the criticism about their now seven-year age difference, the rapper calls Jenner a “big girl,” under certain cringe-worthy circumstances:

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They say she young,
I shoulda waited,
She a big girl, dawg
When she stimulated

Later in the song, Tyga confirms something inquiring minds may or may not have wanted to know:

She a big girl dawg,
I’m puttin’ in,
Yeah I’m penetrating

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The 15-track mixtape includes a few more clear-the-air tracks, including “Clarity” and “Scandal,” where the rapper takes less-direct shots at his detractors. Sounds Tyga’s skinned has thickened since the beginning of his whirlwind year. Spin the full project below: