Tyrese Holds Protest Outside Of iHeart Radio Station In Los Angeles

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Tyrese is single-handedly fighting to put real and soulful R&B music back on the radio.

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The Black Rose singer recently protested outside the building of iHeart Radio in Los Angeles to shed light on the fact that his music doesn’t get enough spins on the radio-waves. As a result, he was given a citation by police officers.

“All I wanna do is have my #1 song #Billboard #Shame thats 2 weeks in a row on Billboard to be HEARD!!!! 8 police cars and 4 motorcycle cars later – R&B must be a REAL THREAT – I fear no man but GOD and my position won’t change – thank you to the 80+ multi ethnic fans for showing up – there’s power in numbers – #RnBSOULDIERS I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!!!!! #BlackRoseMission I sung from my HEART in front of the iHEART building LA!!!” he posted on Instagram.

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She's my baby, she's what I grew up on, she's my heart, she's my soul, she's been through it all – you think it's rough today? Imagine what level of resistance that our legends or R&B dealt with back in the day to get R&B Soul heard…. today WE stand on the shoulders of the true legends that have toured, dealt with racism, boycotts, boundaries and resistance all across the board… They said R&B Is dead….?? R&B fans are dead…. And that R&B no longer matters….. Numbers don't lie…. Check the stats…. My #BlackRoseAlbum debut was HUGE it was #1 on 9 different charts in the U.S and your love for us to 86,400 the first week independent! on my label #VoltronRecordz It was also #1 in 15 countries! We did it!! #1 Billboard Top 200 #1 Current R&B Album #1 Current Independent Label #1 Top Overall Albums #1 Top Current Albums #1 Current Physical Album #1 Overall Physical Albums #1 Current Digital Albums #1 Overall Digital Albums And now my song #Shame is #1 for 2 weeks in a row….. So now you wonder why I'm so vocal about #MainstreamRadio nOT showing love..? How would you feel?

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During a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, the multi-award winner also touched on the lack of radio play for his album or even true R&B in general.