Waka Flocka Is Back To “Workin” Like He Never Left


Waka Flocka Flame has had plenty stops and starts on the road to Flockaveli 2, the sequel to his much loved 2010 debut album. There’s been legal drama, a stint on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta and other things but Flocka’s kept a meager profile up music wise thanks to a string of mixtapes and freestyles.

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The first presumed single from Flockaveli 2, “Workin” comes from the hands of Tarentino of “March Madness” fame. It contains more than a ton of Waka’s gun blam adlibs, throwing up gang sets, shoutouts to El Chapo, John Gotty and more. Tarentino matches Waka’s infectious energy with triple snares and blaring drums to make you throw somebody through a wall.

Hear “Workin” below and proceed to bounce all over the place.

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