Two White Girls Kissed Black Men “For The First Time,” And This Is What Happened


AllDefDigital may have outdone themselves with their latest installment of their For The First Time series. Two white girls, Kate Quigley and Dana Moon, are captured kissing black men for “the first time.” Stepping up as the candidates are Teddy Ray and Slink Johnson, as the girls hilariously discuss their thoughts on conquering the quest.

“Black guys have really big lips, and one time I kissed this Filipino guy with huge lips and he slobbered all over my face. And I just don’t know if I wanna go there,” Kate pointed out. Meanwhile, Dana thinks black guys are intimidated by her because she “got that a**.”

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Going in for the kill, Teddy controls his urge to pass gas while smooching with Dana, and things get hot and heavy with Kate and Slink. Forewarning Kate about a tradition “in his culture,” Slink grabs a handful of Kate’s derriere. Dana, in the end, concludes the Teddy’s “got game.” Slink called the experience “thrilling,” and “sensational,” and handed Kate some cash for the deed.

We’re not sure if this is either of these ladies’ actual “first time” kissing black guys, but the video is still quite entertaining. Press play below:

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